The Grayer-Anderson Cat   

           British Museum

Bronze with silver plaque and gold jewelry.  Around 600 BC.  

• Possibly Saqqara, Egypt


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The Abyssinian we know today closely resembles the bronze statues and

enthralling paintings of the ancient Egyptian cats, and many believe that

there is little doubt that the Abyssinian is a direct descendant from them.

The ancient features such as the large ears, almond shaped eyes and elegant

composure are nearly identical to the cat we know today as the Abyssinian.

Brian Vesey-Fitzgerald in his book ‘Cats”, points out that by viewing

Egyptian art, the idea that the Abyssinian may very well existed at that time is       prevailing. Egyptian bronzes and paintings of cats in ancient Egyptian

emphasize the litheness, elegance, graceful lines, large eyes, rounded contours,

long tail with tabby stripes and alert ears which are distinguishing features

that are seen in the Abyssinians of today. 

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