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Graceful, Lithe & Elegant.........


The Abyssinian is like that of a little mountain lion. These exquisite creatures are agile and panther like while being stately in appearance and endowed with the grace of a dancer.

They are well known for their high activity level, loving personality, intelligence, and devotion. Sometimes referred to as the “Cat of the Dog world”, the aby is very active, extroverted as well as an extremely playful feline that is curious about their entire surroundings. While exhibiting a strong, independent personality, the aby is an extremely socialized cat. Abys are valiant and outgoing as well as very gentle and loving (be ready for many aby kisses). Without a doubt, an aby is a tremendously devoted cat. It shows a lively, active interest in its surroundings. Abys will stay a “kitten” through most of their life and will always be willing to make a go for that feather teaser! The aby does require considerable attention and detests solitude although they are bright enough to amuse themselves while alone. Abys express themselves with very “quiet” voices and they absolutely love to “knead” their way into your hearts.

Abys have a fascination with heights for a good view of their surroundings and many aby parents will find their abys perched on their shoulders showering them with kisses and “head butts”. Be prepared to have a “shadow” follow you through out your daily activities as there are not many everyday tasks that an aby will be not take part in. While the aby is not a “lap cat” (they do have their daily agenda to meet) do not be surprised to find them cuddled up with you on the sofa or snuggled under the blankets in bed.
It is so easy to fall in love with an aby as they are equally willing to fall in love with you. If you are looking for a cat that is wild and energetic yet affectionate, personable, gentle and loving, unique, regal and stunning, an Abyssinian will be a wonderful addition into your family life.

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