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Our Aby family in their loving homes




July 2021

" He’s doing great.  He is eating, drinking, using the litter box, playing, and he is a true love

   bug like all Abys!  Thank you so much!  Andy 

I just saw your e-mail.  It's been really busy with my new Aby boy.  I'm not exactly sure what his name will be, but right now I'm calling him Mr. Jinx--

-really Jinxie---not because he's bad luck, because he certainly isn't, but more like in hijinks....he is such a riot and a character!! He has no fear at all

and I think he believes he is a Lion and the King of the Jungle ... and that's just fine with me!


I attached a picture, but it's so hard to take a picture of him because he is always in motion! 

But he is also such a snuggle bug. He loves to sit on my lap and cuddle when he's tired.


I'm glad you gave me all the information ahead of time about the type of food, litter, etc.  I haven't had any problems with any of that.


Thanks for sending the additional information.  I have an appointment to bring Jinxie to the vet this coming

Wednesday afternoon so I'm glad I have all the information that you gave me to give to my vet.


I am looking forward to many, many happy times with my new furbaby.


Thanks for checking in!!


Best regards, 


Tango is so precious! She is very friendly. Has already jumped on my lap for a cuddle and has snuggled

with Ed. She has eaten her wet food, but I don't think the dry food yet. She has used the litter box.

She is quite a talker! I know she wants the run of the house. And she is quite the climber.

So much for my tall gate. She climbed it very quickly! She is very outgoing. 


Bolt has seen her. But so far he is still hissing at the door of her room. He is spending lots of time camped out by her room.

Just need to give him a little time. I have let them sniff through the door. I hope he will stop hissing in a day

or two so I can let her explore the house.






**I have been to Carol's twice.  Juju is really very well adjusted.  I must say I am shocked.  I had a kitten once that took a week to venture out.  He only came out at night to eat and use litter and hid all day.  I warned Carol that's what I thought Juju would do.  NOT!!   She came out of the carrier and ate immediately, she sleeps on Carol's bed and plays all day!!  Please know she is in a good home!   Thank you for everything!!


**Adjusting beautifully, just like she always lived with Carol.  She's eating, playing, using litter and sleeping with Carol.  She sits on Carol's lap a lot and purrs!   Thank you so much for this special cat

**Just wanted to let you know, the kitten (we named her Missandei) is doing well! She’s settling into her new palace! Thank you again! She is loved!

** Kitten is doing very well. So grateful, she has my heart!!!!!   Thank you!


**The first day could not have gone better. Buddy (temporary name) is SO smart. Within an hour he was navigating the steps and within 3-4 hours had seen the inside of the house. It is obvious that you have socialized this cat well. By 6 pm he was sleeping on my lap. He slept thru the night and is active this morning. I love him already.

Whatever you process is you should bottle it because this cat is perfect. You should be commended.

**So far so good.  Using litter box, eating and drinking. Still cautious, but inquisitive. 

Already doing better than expected, so I have no doubt everyone will be friends in no time.

** things are going in a positive way. The little one is so precious. Our Lexi cat is a little bent out of shape.  Expected that. I will keep you posted



Subject: Happy New Year


Just a note to say Happy New Year. I hope 2017 is off to a great start for you and yours. Just to touch base and let you know how very much we continue

to enjoy the Prince and Princess, day in and day out, as they are the love our our lives and the majority of our fun conversations.

They sleep with us at night like puppy dogs at the foot of the bed, remind us in the morning that they want breakfast (especially Baxter) and bring so

much joy to our day as we are both fortunate to work from home.


Will continue to thank you forever for these 2 blessings!


 We got a fully socialized kitten who was raised underfoot.  He is healthy, alert, gorgeous, affectionate.  Vet check was fine.

 He is great with our other cats.  12 hour adjustment period.  Rode home four hours in my lap exploring the outside world through the window.

 We are experienced cat servants and have done a lot of rescue work and this cat needed no socialization.

 Fully litter box trained to Tidy Cats Litter Breeze.   He is outgoing hungry bossy loving gorgeous intoxicating.  

Runs the house and our other two let him!

** Rhode Island

Just a quick note to tell you all is well with Little Buddy. He and Tytte have bonded and they are so cute together…..kind of like a VW bug and a bus!


Here is the latest photo of them sleeping in front of the fire.


LB goes in for his ‘nip and tuck’ in two weeks. Our local vet here in RI saw him and she thought he was exquisite.


Wishing you all the very best in 2017.






** North Carolina

We were so blessed to connect with Brenda  of Eastwick Abyssinians when we began our research for an Abyssinian kitten.

She was so easy to work with as she provided a thorough overview of the process, style and approach.

She made us feel so comfortable as we askedour many questions. We benefited from her understanding and implications with

respect to genetic history of the beed lines given the amount of years

she's been breeding and can account for generations between her breed lines and close circle of peers.  

Once we were selected for one of the kittensin her new litter, she sent pictures and kept us posted on how mom and

babies were progressing. I admired she made the call the delay the delivery date

by a week or so, professionally recognizing they were not ready to be weaned from their mother.

The result is one of the most confident and personable kittens. Everyone who meets her comments on how exceptional

she is to this day. I believe the breed is exceptional, but that consistently Brenda's cats stand out with her selective breeding,

raising them underfoot and love for her career, and it shows. When we desired to add a companion for our kitten,

she was our first call and we couldn't be more pleased with the addition of our new fella.

They get along great and add so much joy to our home and lives.

Thank you Brenda, you have set the standard high for professionals who work with your cats and breeding lines,

as well as individuals fortunate to enjoy your cats as members of their families.

Bill and LauraMary 

Proud owners of 2 Eastwick Abyssinians  


***Pittsburg, PA 

Asa is wonderful!!  It took him a few hours to get his courage up, but now he is non stop.  He has slept under the covers with me the last 2 nights.

 I can tell when he gets to sleep because the loud purring stops. He cuddles and nudges and nibbles and plays.

 Ben will be thrilled.  He gets home on the 27th.  We will send you a picture.  

Thanks again!


Kim Z

** Florida

The caravan arrived in FL this afternoon.


LB is a charmer and was a real trooper. He and Axel shared a room last night and there was some snuggling going on! I am the food dispenser

and treat machine.


Axel and LB are playing with his new toys, and he seems to be settling in nicely. We will start the gradual introduction to Tytte tomorrow,

with the installation of the baby gates on the blue room (read here, our guest bedroom) door, and let the boys see each other.


It was a real pleasure to meet you yesterday. I'll keep you informed of Little Buddies progress. He is a doll.



Kittens born July 2014  and are now in their new homes.


November 2014


I am ecstatic and thoroughly enchanted with little Miss Jasmine!  She rode home nestled on Barb's chest and was extremely

interested in the passing scenery.  She is settling in beautifully, and it seems that Dora is more intrigued than angry.  

Dora is hissing only occasionally when Jasmine startles her, and Jas is totally unfazed by her; she is respectful of Dora's

space even as she explores her new home.  What a little purring love bug! She follows me everywhere and curled up in my lap

this afternoon fixated on the computer screen. She has been going full steam since we returned, so I think that she will sleep

well tonight.  I suspect that Dora is going to adjust much more quickly than I expected; Jas made herself immediately at home.

This has been such a wonderful lift for my spirits, and I profoundly appreciate your kindness and generosity.

 Your kits are the best, and I am blessed that they have been sharing my home for so many years.  

I will keep you updated on our progress and send pictures.  Again, many thanks.




Oh my goodness- "Buddha" is an amazing guy- made himself right at home and has not stopped playing and purring! He is fabulous.
We are in love.


He is doing wonderfully an is so loved. Aaron tells me all about his antics every time he calls. 

I know we will be back to you in the next year or so for other babies.....two more children want one and Barry and I

would like another.  We will keep in touch!



She is a very playful; outgoing; n loving girl. She loves to play w/all of us. She and my son are awesome together. We all love her.

Hope you are well. Thanks so much for keeping in touch.




October 2013

It’s been a while since I contacted you!  GiGi is now 2 years,9 months old and is a happy, healthy, FUN little girl. 

We have wonderful news to share that her picture was chosen as one of the pictures in the 2014 365 Page-A-Day Cat Calendar!

I hope you are well and you are still enjoying your fabulous breeding program .  I would love to know how GiGi’s daddy is doing! 

What a handsome boy he was and I can tell you that GiGi certainly got his genes – she is an absolutely gorgeous cat!

  Of course, mommy was beautiful too!!  GiGi is very petite and kitten-like.  So sweet and VERY smart!


September 2013:

Jada Marie ( Kiki)  is a very healthy, active little thing, that already has my parents wrapped around her little paws. 

I visited both yesterday and today.  She is just hysterical to sit and watch, she loves to play.  And if one of my parents

leaves the room, she cries LOL and has to go looking to see where they went.  She likes everyone in the same room with

her and being the center of attention.  She was certainly worth the wait : )   Anyway, I just thought I would let you know

she has adjusted quite well already, and wanted to thank you for everything


July 2013

Raz news flash - today he decided to join our household and has put his beautiful Aby attitude back in place!  

He came to me (I was evidently not getting his breakfast down fast enough), let me pet him, displayed the full Aby

tail salute and he gave me a major rubbing about the ankles!  WooHoo! Later he wanted his face rubbed, played a good round

of feathers and (wait for it!) let me pick him up and nuzzle him.  He is a BIG boy and very strong.  Love love love him.  

The wait for him to make up his mind was well worth it.

Cheers (many), Diane


July 2013

They’re settling in nicely and becoming very personable with us.  They are truly good buddies… amazing guys.  

They really love each other… and they occupy much of their time playing games and tussling with each other.  

They are just so neat to have in our home… we are having so much fun with them… they brighten every day.

 We love them dearly and will give them the best home






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