Aradia Fenwick Isles Hobgoblin


Artist Stephanie Kita

Placing Abyssinian kittens and cats with families for over 20 years, we take pride in our small program as we concentrate all our efforts to improving the health, temperament and characteristics of the Abyssinian. Our focus is to propagate strong genetic lines by constantly learning as much as possible about the Abyssinian and incorporate this knowledge into  good breeding protocols. We strive to raise strong, healthy, loving and socialized Abyssinians so that they will be a cherished by their new family for many years to come.

We breed ruddy& reds (cinnamon), blues and fawns. The kittens have human contact from the moment they are born and are raised underfoot for their entire time that they are with us. We are  “cage free” and because we have only a few abyssinains, this allows for all to roam free as family pets. We feel that this is extremely important not only for the health and wellness, but also for socialization of the kittens as well as the adults. 


This website is an "INFORMATION WEBSITE ONLY. We have never nor will we  ever take internet sales. Please contact us at and we will be more than happy to discuss placing a kitten in your home. We in live in Eastern Pennsylvania near Philadelphia so take an extra day and shop for lovely antiques found in the area!   We welcome you to visit and pick up your kitten if you find an Eastwick abyssinian is indeed what you would like to include in your family.   We are also able to provide personal  kitten transportation to you for an additional fee.


 If there are any questions that we do not answer on the following pages, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Abys Raised Underfoot.......... 
Enjoy your visit!


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